Yoana Slavova and School Miracles

Yoana was once in AIESEC LC UNWE and she’s been up to a lot of other things since those times. During the years Yo has helped organize programs like ABLE Mentor and participated in one of the most well known most serious social initiatives – Teach for Bulgaria. 

If you don’t know – ABLE Mentor is a program for personal mentorship between young professionals and high school students. But me explaining it won’t do it justice so you can read more on their website (https://www.ablementor.bg)

As for Teach for Bulgaria (or Заедно в Час) – It’s an organization that fights for every child to have access to quality education and does it by recruiting, training, and developing capable and motivated professionals who are committed to work long-term towards positive change in education in Bulgaria. Their own words. But it took her to Primary School Vasil Levski, s. Oreshane. 

It was there that Yoana and several other participants in the Teach For Bulgaria program that were in the region thought of their next project – School Miracles (Училищни чудеса). 

The first three years they organized events between schools every 3 months. The events aimed to motivate the kids to come to class and to teach them skills like teamwork, communication and functional literacy. 

So far they’ve organized over 12 such events, each with anywhere between 90 and 130 participating students! 

Today School Miracles is a program that aims to create leaders among students from the underprivileged communities in the Yablanitsa, Lukovit and Troyan municipalities by developing their skills to analyze and solve critical problems and supporting them to initiate the positive change by starting their own local projects.

You know what the sad part is? We found out about this from a feature of Yoana in Karieri.bg. Read it Here. That’s why we want to say – Go Go Yo! We’d love to see you in the news more. 

And if you want to support School Miracles – you can. Go to their website and see how you can help. 

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