Nevena Stoyanova, our alumni @ You made my day

Nevena, what is your story?

Hi my dear AIESEC folks,

My name is Nevena Stoyanova and I am an Alumni of AIESEC Bulgaria. At university I was really impressed by the idea of AIESEC to make the world a better place. I was convinced that this would be only possible when there are more innovative businesses creating easily accessible jobs around the world.

So you found one of those businesses?

Yes, At yoummday (short for “You made my day”) I found the perfect realization of the concept mentioned above. It’s an innovative online platform for freelancers with call center background and large companies (service providers).

How long have you been there and what would you say are the biggest achievements?

I have been working here since its launch and am proud to say that during my time at yoummday, I managed to help a lot of people find jobs which pay 50-100% above the average-salary in their country.
We created jobs in high-unemployment areas and embraced remote work in order to improve work-life balance for many people. We are really proud that we can transform people’s lives for the better with our business.

Who is this for?

Our platform is the perfect place for anyone with a talent for communicating and helping people over the phone, all from the comfort of their own homes. Finding work is easy because yoummday automatically notifies you when there is a “match” with the client’s job specification for its project.

If you want to:
– Work independently and from the comfort of your home
– Determine yourself when and how long you want to work
– Earn 1,5x to 2x of what a Call Center Agent in your country would,

then Yoummday is a great solution

Where can interested people find out more?

Sign up for free here:

At the moment we are searching mainly for German speakers. Polish, Spanish and Italian-speaking candidates are also very welcome.

P.S. You can also contact me via email in case you have questions:

Are you an alumni that has interesting opportunities you can vouch for? Then Get in touch with us 🙂

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