Board of Advisors 2019/21

In 2019 started the 2-year term of the new Board of Advisors of AIESEC in Bulgaria. The Board is led by our alumnus Ivaylo Ivanov and consists mainly of AIESEC alumni, as well as respected professionals that are passionate about development of the youth in Bulgaria.

BoA 2019/21 & MC

As usual Dobrin Padalski is a member of the Board (for 4th consecutive term!). We are thankful to “uncle Dobri” for the undying devotion and the valuable support to the organization.

The BoA is in close cooperation with the MC of AIESEC Bulgaria and had a few formal and informal meetings with them. Notable mentions are the cocktail party hosted by the Chair of BoA and a 2-days seminar, organized by BoA for the MC. The seminar took place in Gorna Banya on 16-17 November 2019 and covered topics such as Leadership, Management, Effective communication and Team Dynamics.

The Board is currently following the election process for the new MCP and is curious to who will be the next generation of AIESEC leaders in Bulgaria.

Ivaylo Ivanov,
Chair of BoA

Same as before, AIESEC is a community where I continue meeting bright and outstanding individuals that are curious about the world and are passionate and engaged in global topics and initiatives. It is both refreshing and inspiring to (re)connect with the youth of AIESEC. I urge all alumni to do the same and visit an AIESEC event in Sofia!

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