3 Alumni mentors in the newest entrepreneurship development program

Able Activator with 3 AABG Alumni mentors

AIESECers go in a lot of different directions after they finish their experience in the organization. Some of them build businesses and then help others do the same.

It wouldn’t be a entrepreneurship development program without at least one AIESEC Bulgaria Alumni in the mentors list. Through the years its just how a part of the alumni community has directed itself.

So naturally we were very exited about the new ABLE Activator program that was announced. Its an exclusive 6-week(end)-long entrepreneurship program that provides you with a lot of resources and knowledge.

This time our Alumni in the mentors roster includes Mila Natudova (UNWE), Stoyan Naydenov (UNWE) and Teo Shikov (SU). Wish you luck guys and all the best in the program.

Tell us in the comments if you’d like to hear them talk more about the program, or tell us how it went after it finishes.

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