Have you ever had issues you can’t even grasp on your own? It always helps to have a friend with experience in the problem topic.

That’s exactly what skill sharing is but expanding the circle. Now you don’t need to know the person to ask him. You need to come and hear him speak and meet him afterwards for drinks.

A match made in heaven.

Volume 1: Personal Finance and Investment

Zdravko Zdravkov organized the first edition. It took part in Puzl Coworking. If you want to learn more about how the event went or want to ask the organizer a question on give a suggestion go to the event and leave your comment. 

Volume 2: Real Estate for Investment or Residence

Volume 2 was held in IT Step Computer Academy – another alumni owned business.
Our own Shtelyan Kalchev dug deep into the options you have to use real estate as a financial instrument. Whether to save on paying rent or as a pure investment.