Alumni space in Sofia

We have some exciting news. Glad to tell you that the Alumni Space is shaping up quite well.

The project

All it takes is an idea. Special thanks to Spas, who made the project. Simple yet cozy. Expect more updates soon 🙂

The idea behind it for contributors to use it as a co-working space as well as an event space for the association. 

*See the full list of contributors at the bottom of the post. 

The process

  • In true LC NATFIZ fashion, Spas and Bobi took the drill and hammers and made the first holes 😀
  • Spas again for the first batch of chairs.
  • One additional chair contribution from Stasi 

The list

We still do need some things and we are looking for your support. To make the space fully functional, we’ll need the following things. We would really appreciate your contribution 🙂

  • Carpet
  • Desk
  • Bar stools / chairs x2-3
  • Puffs x2
  • Extension cord
  • Sound system
  • Fridge? (any alumni in the beer industry?) 🙂

Drop us a message on Facebook or leave a comment here.

The contributors so far

*The alumni space is funded by people who invest their time and small amounts of money to get the Alumni Space off the ground. We’d love to publicly acknowledge them here. They are: Bobby Georgiev, Borislav Strundzhev, Penka Korkova, Veronika Atanasova, Slavena Buyuklieva, Dobrin Padalski, Teo Shikov, Ognian Chirkov, Zdravko Zdravkov, Boyana Mecheva, Sal Virani, Ivan Zerkov, Taniyana Georgieva, Boyan Rangelov, Stanislav Popkostadinov, Szymon Skaskiewicz, Ivaylo Ivanov, Pavel Peychev.

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