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We are the community not only of AIESEC Alumni from Bulgaria, but any alumni that happens to be in the country.

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Almost 30 years after the founding of AIESEC in Bulgaria, the Alumni Association is now an official organization.

Born from the members of the National Board of Advisers 2015/17 – Dobrin, Teo, Bobi, Michele, Miro, Pafka & Rosen.

Founders Meeting 2018

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Years of AIESEC in Bulgaria
Bulgarians on Founders Meeting
International delegates on Founders Meeting
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Executive Teams Archive

Local Committee Sofia UNWE 1990-1991 President – Angel Angelov 1991-1992 President – Dimitar Petkov 1992-1993 President – Borislav Andreev 1993-1994 President – Jonko Ignatiev 1994-1995 1995-1996 President – Nikolay Chakrakchiev …